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Sunday, November 16th, 2008
5:49 pm
It had been two weeks since he broke his lover out of prison, and two weeks since they had left each others arms. Sephiroth had initially been surprised that the sheer amount of excited randiness Cloud had shown when he'd first re-appeared had lasted the entire two weeks, and by the time their time was almost over, it hadn't diminished at all. Not that he was complaining. It allowed him to see a side of Cloud that he had never witnessed before, and he liked it. That was why he hadn't rejected the offer for another two weeks with Cloud's pleasant company by his side, and it was why he now found himself pushing open the door to one of the slum bars to 'celebrate'.

He hadn't denied the request, but had accepted on one condition, and one condition only. That Cloud had to wear whatever Sephiroth deemed appropriate. Which happened to be the rather erotic little black and white number he'd given his lover to wear. Of course, he had gone and manipulated the Jenova cells within Cloud's body to elongate the blonde's hair, and turn the golden locks to silver.

The ribbons definitely enticed him, and it had taken all of Sephiroth's self-control to actually make it to the bar and not take his lover before exiting their little hideout.

They had drawn a few of the other inhabitants attention, but fortunately for their wandering eyes, their attention didn't last for long. Keeping the door open, the smile on Sephiroth's face was one of satisfied pleasure as he gestured for Cloud to enter into the room before him. "After you, my love." He smoothly murmured as his gaze lingered on the fine flesh of his lover.
Sunday, November 9th, 2008
12:38 pm
Prison Break
His work had taken him longer to stabilise than even he thought it would, and his curiosity towards Cloud's capture had to be put on the back burner because of it. Which was unfortunate considering he desired to know just how one as strong as his lover had been captured in the first place - even if Cloud had been burdened with Strife's pitiful self. It simply did not make sense, and it made the older man curious to know just how Cloud managed to get himself captured. And now that his experiment was stabilised, he had the time to go and do so.

It was late at night when Sephiroth first made his appearance. Normal people would be tucked away in the safety of their bed as they all slept, and the few that remained awake, were working the graveyard shifts. It was those few unfortunate souls working the graveyard shift at the maximum security prison that were the unfortunate ones, though.

He materialized within the security station of the prison, and the one guard taking a nap didn't remain in the realm of the living after Sephiroth's arrival. The death was swift and painless, and Sephiroth's purpose done. He couldn't very well have his arrival and proceeding acts documented in such a degrading way. No, it was best to leave everyone wondering just how Strife was able to vanish from such a maximum security prison. The less people who knew about his presence the better.

The computer systems weren't all that different from the previous ages he had been in control, and it only took a few minutes for Sephiroth to write a program into the system to black out the security systems. Once that was done, Sephiroth sliced down the door with Masamune, and exited out into the hallway to begin his search for Cloud. Why go right to his blonde where there was far too much pleasure in taking the ives of others in the journey?

There was no doubt within his mind that Cloud was aware of his arrival.
Saturday, November 8th, 2008
8:39 pm
Visitation Day
It had been two weeks since the incident. Two weeks since one of the happiest day of her life was ripped away from her, and she was locked up like some damsel in distress. Two weeks since Rufus had taken away her sole ability to protect herself from bearing any unwanted heirs to the Police Chief.

Rufus' capture of Strife had been on ever station and in every paper, and had been the talk of the town since then. She couldn't even go down to the end of the hall without hearing some form of praise to her captor. And a devilish captor he had been. She had thrown everything in her grasp at him, but she had quickly run out of objects to toss. There had been no choice but for her to submit to Rufus' desires once he had returned back from his capture like some sick proud moment.

She had been watched like a hawk for the first few days after being captured by Rufus, but the threat of her family's well being quickly put her in her place. While she didn't care about what happened to her, Garnet wanted nothing to happen to her precious family. So she submitted to Rufus' desires, regardless of how much she didn't want to.

Still, the desire to see Strife safe and sound was too much for her, and it was with a heavy heart that Garnet had slipped away from Rufus' care (not that the man was even home at that time in day) and made her way down to the prison where Strife was kept. There had been odd and sympathetic glances thrown in her direction as she demanded to see Strife. Most though thought it to be some form of Stockholm need to see Strife, and she didn't correct them at all.

It had allowed her entry into the visiting room and that was enough. She had heard Strife's rage and feared what it could have been in relation to. Something told her that she already knew though.
5:27 pm
The Big Day.
Paul prided himself on being a calm and composed man, but he also wasn't made of stone either! That was why he thought it was fine for him to be sobbing openly against Nash's jacket as he watched his precious little girl getting married to such a fine and upstanding young man. Why did his little girls have to grow up so quickly! He was just lucky that Strife was such an accomplished young man, and loved his daughter as much as he did.

The ceremony had been wonderful, and he knew that his little Garnet had put her all into her wedding. What a wedding it was as well! Everything had been planned so well and was so beautifully presented that it only enhanced his sensitive situation.

His precious girl was no longer solely his!
Saturday, October 11th, 2008
12:58 pm
Time's Up
The body she was inhabiting was wonderfully easy to overtake during an intoxicated state. Just like it was now. Garnet was sleeping blissfully unaware that her body was waking up and in control of someone else. The alcohol did wonders when it came to Scarlet and her desire, and right now, she was feeling rather playful. It had been centuries since she'd been able to get anything and she would wait no longer. Rufus wasn't anywhere to be found, and would be rather inaccessible until her plan came into fruition. All she had now was the unresponsive pile of flesh and bones beside her.

Speaking of the flesh and bone.

Rolling over onto her side, Scarlet wrapped an arm around Strife's slumbering body before her fingers began tracing circles along the bare skin on his side. The kids were gone, and it was simply the two of them remaining in the house. It was just what she wanted. Leaning down, she brushed her lips over his cheek as she softly murmured. "Cloud,"

Her words were soft as she spoke, and after trailing her lips down to brush over Strife's, Scarlet continued her attempt to coax Cloud out to play. "I wouldn't recommend keeping me waiting any longer." She purred while dropping her hand down to fondle the sleeping man's groin.

It was her silent declaration that if he wasn't going to satisfy her, she would find satisfaction elsewhere.
Saturday, September 20th, 2008
7:48 pm
Wedding Planning
It had been nothing but busy since she'd returned back to Strife's side. The first week had been a complete bliss as she spent the time mostly within Strife's arms and with their children. Another week had been spent with her family and beginning the whole 'healing' process for the mess she'd dragged them into. It took some work, but Garnet and the rest of her family had finally come to terms with the whole matter. Now all she had to do was plan her wedding. Her mother was more than eager to help, and while she did accept her view point on occasion, Garnet wanted to be the one to focus on planning the wedding.

She wanted it to be special, and be an event that Strife could be proud of being apart of.

So Garnet had begun working on making the plans. Strife had been elusive ever since she'd begun beginning her plans, and any attempt to discuss things with her fiance had failed. Garnet had allowed it at first, but the more she'd planned out, the more she needed her lovers help. She was more than capable of dealing with organising companies to deal with the catering, flowers, venue, and all of the other little intricacies, but she honestly wanted Strife's input in regards to her lover's outfit for the ceremony and for his best man and grooms man. It would be easily enough to deal with that, but there were sizes and fittings that needed to be done. Not to mention the right colouring scheme so then it wouldn't clash with the flowers or the table set up or something.

That wasn't so much to ask now was it?

Flipping through to the next page, Garnet began writing down the name of yet another florist to talk to. Now wasn't the time to distract herself with Strife. She'd deal with him once her lover had finished with his phone calls. Until then, she'd continue researching possible business interests.
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
11:14 am
Early Mornings
It felt as though her head had been run over by a truck and then backed right over again by the damn thing. What the hell had happened last night? It only took a few seconds for the answer to hit, but when it did, Garnet groaned as she rolled over from her side and onto her stomach. Their drinking contest last night was hitting her with a vengence, and the resulting headache left her poor mind pounding in pain as her body was attempting to wake.

Stupid alcohol.

Flopping her arm out across the torso next to her, Garnet lazilly reached up with her other hand to brush away a few of the blonde bangs as she peered out from beneath them. The sight of blonde hair alarmed her momentarily - had Rufus done it again? - but Garnet felt herself relax when the blonde colour sharpened and the familiar spikes became well defined. Strife.

Everything came flooding back in that moment, and despite her pounding headache, Garnet found herself smiling softly. She was safe again, and Strife really did come to rescue her - as far fetched as that seemed.

Shifting herself up against Strife's side, the arm across his body slipped beneath the sheets and wrapped itself around his waist as she lay there quietly watching her man.
Sunday, August 17th, 2008
4:19 pm
Friday, August 15th, 2008
11:26 am
Midgar - Police decoy
The moment Rufus had heard of the apparent ‘kidnapping’ in Kalm, he had begun putting a new plan into action. He knew who was behind the whole thing, the job had Strife’s name written all over it, and he wasn’t going to allow a hooligan like Strife to get the better of him. He’d been planning things all night on the phone, and had managed to secure a female prisoner to act as a decoy as he got Garnet out of her apartment and safely to his personal home.

Everything was all prepared for this morning, and he’d made certain to leak a small amount of information about trafficking Garnet between the two places so that Strife could hear about it. And while the teen was busy being distracted by the decoy, Rufus would be with the real Garnet and heading back there through a different route. He couldn’t wait any longer and risk Strife outright assault this apartment block, and with some luck, his men would be able to overpower Strife’s attempt and arrest that punk.

Rufus had already moved Garnet to the next building complex, and despite his woman’s protests about being forced, Garnet had otherwise complied. He wasn’t about to inform her yet that her family had been taken by Strife. To do so would only make her more difficult to handle. That information could wait until he got her back to the safety of his home.

“We’re in position. Move out in five minutes.” Hanging up his cellphone, Rufus tucked it back into his jacket pocket before joining Garnet inside the helicopter. Closing the door behind him, the ground staff signalled the pilot that they were good to go before stepping back to a safe distance. Turning to face the indignant woman as the engines started up, Rufus smiled charmingly as he murmured. “You’ll have the pleasure of being my personal guest for a while Garnet dear.”

Rolling her eyes, Garnet ignored the helicopters takeoff as she glanced over to Rufus and spat. “I’m positively charmed.”
Thursday, August 14th, 2008
5:21 pm
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
5:34 am
Midgar - Topside Shopping Exchange
It had been a difficult two weeks since she had last saw Strife. They had spent the entire night within each others arms, and Garnet had found it difficult to extract herself from Strife when the morning came. It was in those early hours that she had informed Strife that she would put their children in his care, but to wait until she called.

Rufus, as predicted, had tightened up the security around her the moment she had returned, and Garnet had been left with no choice but to sit and wait for the right opportunity. It had taken time, but the two guards posted to watch her had finally begun to relax their guard around her. She kept herself out of trouble - something that was difficult to do considering her typical nature - and now it was even to the point where Rufus was finally beginning to relax around her again.

Men were always far too easy to manipulate, but that was something she wasn't afraid to use to her advantage when need be.

"I'll save you boys the embarrassment of coming into this type of store." Garnet murmured with a pleasant smile to her chaperone's. She could already see the beads of distress forming along each of their brows as they caught sight of the frilly female lingerie adorning the mannequins in the window and knew she could use this to her advantage.

"We'll wait right here for you." One of her 'guards' murmured, although Garnet could clearly hear the tinge of relief highlighting the edges of his voice.


Pushing the door to the lingerie shop open, Garnet wheeled the pusher into the store and tugged for Julia to enter. Garnet made her way around the store slowly while picking out the odd piece or two to try on. Certain that her guards attention was focused elsewhere when everything seemed normal, Garnet maneuvered her children into the dressing room before closing the door behind her. Hanging the underwear up on the hanger, she reached into her purse and withdrew her phone. Entering in Strife's number, she held the cell up against her ear while she waited for him to answer.
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
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Sunday, July 27th, 2008
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Monday, July 28th, 2008
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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
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