war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Midgar - Police decoy

The moment Rufus had heard of the apparent ‘kidnapping’ in Kalm, he had begun putting a new plan into action. He knew who was behind the whole thing, the job had Strife’s name written all over it, and he wasn’t going to allow a hooligan like Strife to get the better of him. He’d been planning things all night on the phone, and had managed to secure a female prisoner to act as a decoy as he got Garnet out of her apartment and safely to his personal home.

Everything was all prepared for this morning, and he’d made certain to leak a small amount of information about trafficking Garnet between the two places so that Strife could hear about it. And while the teen was busy being distracted by the decoy, Rufus would be with the real Garnet and heading back there through a different route. He couldn’t wait any longer and risk Strife outright assault this apartment block, and with some luck, his men would be able to overpower Strife’s attempt and arrest that punk.

Rufus had already moved Garnet to the next building complex, and despite his woman’s protests about being forced, Garnet had otherwise complied. He wasn’t about to inform her yet that her family had been taken by Strife. To do so would only make her more difficult to handle. That information could wait until he got her back to the safety of his home.

“We’re in position. Move out in five minutes.” Hanging up his cellphone, Rufus tucked it back into his jacket pocket before joining Garnet inside the helicopter. Closing the door behind him, the ground staff signalled the pilot that they were good to go before stepping back to a safe distance. Turning to face the indignant woman as the engines started up, Rufus smiled charmingly as he murmured. “You’ll have the pleasure of being my personal guest for a while Garnet dear.”

Rolling her eyes, Garnet ignored the helicopters takeoff as she glanced over to Rufus and spat. “I’m positively charmed.”
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