Strife (once_a_hero) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Break 'n Enter

It had taken time and a group effort. The sting of loss at the upper plate had wounded pride of everyone involved, a failed job that poor forcing them all to reflect on their rushed decisions. It wasn't anyone's fault in particular because they all took some measure of blame. Their entire reputation had been shaken after such a crushing display by the police force, and they would have their just revenge in a similar style.

Everything had been checked and double-checked. All the information laid gave every indication that they were laying low with tails tucked between their legs and making the attempt to recover by snapping at anything, even themselves. It was the image that they needed in order to gather up again. The uniforms had been acquired, names and identities most prominant SWAT team gathered and forged to the highest quality. Only police standard weapons and by-the book procedures practiced for the last week.

Those that were chosen to go knew that failure was not an option. Failure meant laying down arms and dying on the streets. Everyone had fierce pride in what they had accomplished, and each were prepared to die for this mission.

The rotations were perfect. Guards outside of the police chief's mansion had been interchanged on time and in true fashion. All the checks and walk-throughs had been completed and everything reported to be quiet and in the utmost respecting quality. No one could enter or leave without running into a guard approving it.

Another unit of the gang was off causing noise. Petty crimes and shoot-outs in quiet neighbourhoods, howling at the cars and snapping like rabid dogs at the police. Windows were smashed, businesses sacked, people beaten in the streets. They were angry... and they were attracting all amount of attention.

Strife leaned back against the truck side, mentally preparing himself. The eleven other men and women of his SWAT unit were in position as approval to Rufus Shinra's mansion was given and the gates opened. A precaution, they said. The truck rolled onto the property, parking in the designated position at the side where they would be out of sight. The anticipation as the doors were thrown open was palpable, and he emerged the cool air of confidence to fit his role perfectly. Everything was practiced and organized.

Stepping onto the dirt path, he waited for all of his fellows to gather around him and adjusted the goggles on his face. He looked into the eyes of those around him, nodding to them. "Take your positions. No one moves until the signal is given," he murmured into the radio speaker.

Everyone set off in the designated units, and he joined his unit on the rooftop after climbing the side of the mansion. They remained with their guns dangling from their belts as all four of them stood on the wall, suspended and waiting for orders to continue onwards. They would go through the upper most windows and search the top floor, and not a single shot would be fired unless absolutely required.

"A unit in position."

"B unit positioned at rear."

"C unit in position. Proceeding to next phase."

The airwaves went dead as all twelve of them listened and waited for the signal. Strife would not only salvage his ailing pride, but he would finally take back what had been stolen from him too long ago. They would be a family again, and that thought was what kept him in formation by the window. He was certain that it was the window where Garnet was staying, and he wanted badly to set eyes on her to make certain that everything was alright. He wouldn't let her go again without a fight.

There was a crackle on the radio as a door was forced open. "This is the police, get your hands up! On the floor and no moves! Down! DOWN!"

C unit had attained entry through the front door. It was their signal to forcibly enter the premise. B unit would go through the windows on the first floor while searching for all forms of life and making everyone get down and submit. A unit would enter on the second floor and do a sweep until everyone was found and accounted for. It was the perfect SWAT operation.

Strife leapt to the side at the same time as the three others, and they plunged through the second floor windows feet first, swinging into the building. He leapt over a chair to land on the carpeted floor, releasing the rope attaching his harness then swinging his hand down to pull up the gun attached to his belt. "Freeze! Everyone get down," he shouted.

"B unit has entered the building."

"A unit sweeping top floor."

"All units have penetrated the premises. Sweep and clear every floor. There are twelve people in this building right now. Locate and detain all of them."
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