war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Early Mornings

It felt as though her head had been run over by a truck and then backed right over again by the damn thing. What the hell had happened last night? It only took a few seconds for the answer to hit, but when it did, Garnet groaned as she rolled over from her side and onto her stomach. Their drinking contest last night was hitting her with a vengence, and the resulting headache left her poor mind pounding in pain as her body was attempting to wake.

Stupid alcohol.

Flopping her arm out across the torso next to her, Garnet lazilly reached up with her other hand to brush away a few of the blonde bangs as she peered out from beneath them. The sight of blonde hair alarmed her momentarily - had Rufus done it again? - but Garnet felt herself relax when the blonde colour sharpened and the familiar spikes became well defined. Strife.

Everything came flooding back in that moment, and despite her pounding headache, Garnet found herself smiling softly. She was safe again, and Strife really did come to rescue her - as far fetched as that seemed.

Shifting herself up against Strife's side, the arm across his body slipped beneath the sheets and wrapped itself around his waist as she lay there quietly watching her man.
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