war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Visitation Day

It had been two weeks since the incident. Two weeks since one of the happiest day of her life was ripped away from her, and she was locked up like some damsel in distress. Two weeks since Rufus had taken away her sole ability to protect herself from bearing any unwanted heirs to the Police Chief.

Rufus' capture of Strife had been on ever station and in every paper, and had been the talk of the town since then. She couldn't even go down to the end of the hall without hearing some form of praise to her captor. And a devilish captor he had been. She had thrown everything in her grasp at him, but she had quickly run out of objects to toss. There had been no choice but for her to submit to Rufus' desires once he had returned back from his capture like some sick proud moment.

She had been watched like a hawk for the first few days after being captured by Rufus, but the threat of her family's well being quickly put her in her place. While she didn't care about what happened to her, Garnet wanted nothing to happen to her precious family. So she submitted to Rufus' desires, regardless of how much she didn't want to.

Still, the desire to see Strife safe and sound was too much for her, and it was with a heavy heart that Garnet had slipped away from Rufus' care (not that the man was even home at that time in day) and made her way down to the prison where Strife was kept. There had been odd and sympathetic glances thrown in her direction as she demanded to see Strife. Most though thought it to be some form of Stockholm need to see Strife, and she didn't correct them at all.

It had allowed her entry into the visiting room and that was enough. She had heard Strife's rage and feared what it could have been in relation to. Something told her that she already knew though.
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