Sephiroth (i_paint_you) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Prison Break

His work had taken him longer to stabilise than even he thought it would, and his curiosity towards Cloud's capture had to be put on the back burner because of it. Which was unfortunate considering he desired to know just how one as strong as his lover had been captured in the first place - even if Cloud had been burdened with Strife's pitiful self. It simply did not make sense, and it made the older man curious to know just how Cloud managed to get himself captured. And now that his experiment was stabilised, he had the time to go and do so.

It was late at night when Sephiroth first made his appearance. Normal people would be tucked away in the safety of their bed as they all slept, and the few that remained awake, were working the graveyard shifts. It was those few unfortunate souls working the graveyard shift at the maximum security prison that were the unfortunate ones, though.

He materialized within the security station of the prison, and the one guard taking a nap didn't remain in the realm of the living after Sephiroth's arrival. The death was swift and painless, and Sephiroth's purpose done. He couldn't very well have his arrival and proceeding acts documented in such a degrading way. No, it was best to leave everyone wondering just how Strife was able to vanish from such a maximum security prison. The less people who knew about his presence the better.

The computer systems weren't all that different from the previous ages he had been in control, and it only took a few minutes for Sephiroth to write a program into the system to black out the security systems. Once that was done, Sephiroth sliced down the door with Masamune, and exited out into the hallway to begin his search for Cloud. Why go right to his blonde where there was far too much pleasure in taking the ives of others in the journey?

There was no doubt within his mind that Cloud was aware of his arrival.
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