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Garnet: "Cynthia!" Garnet's voice shrilled out as she was hit with another bout of contractions. Stopping midway down the hall, Garnet supported her body against the wall with one hand, while her other wrapped around her stomach until the pain had disappeared. They were coming a lot quicker now, and if she didn't finish preparing everything, her unborn child would no longer be considered 'unborn' while she was still running around. Clenching her teeth, she took a moment to take a deep breath before she yelled out again. "Cynthia you're taking too long woman!"

"I'm almost finished filling the bucket Garnet!" The call from the bathroom only received a glare in response before Garnet felt the pain subside. Breathing a sign of relief, she plastered on the best comforting face she could muster in this situation as she entered into Julia's bedroom. Even despite the pain she found it easy to smile as she caught sight of her daughter looking all wide eyes and worried as she peered through the bars of her cot. Moving over to lift her out from within, Garnet paused momentarily to take another breath as pain threatened again, but sighed thankfully when all it did was subside. She needed to get Julia out of here before the birth.

Quickening her pace, Garnet made her way back out to the hallway just as she saw Cynthia disappear into her bedroom. There wasn't any other place in the apartment to give birth, and right now she really wasn't that picky just so long as the damn thing came out.

"Give her to me Garnet before you hurt yourself." Cynthia demanded as she ran back out of the room and plucked Julia out of her grasp. Holding Julia securely in her arms, Cynthia pointed directly towards the bedroom as she said. "Now better be on that bed before I get back."

Garnet sent the other woman a deathly glare for the demand, but did nothing but storm off in irritation as Cynthia took Julia to the next door neighbours. She would do whatever she pleased; whenever - besides there was one more important task to do before settling in for the long haul.

Bypassing her purse along the way, Garnet withdrew the cell phone from within before flipping it open. There wouldn't be much time left and if she waited much longer, Strife could very well miss out on the birth all together. Then everything she had planned would be ruined. Pressing the speed-dial for his cell phone, she remained standing next to the bed as she held it up to her ear. If he made her wait there would be hell to pay.

Strife: The shipment had come in fine and Strife had waited for word that it was good. Thanks to getting the all clear from his quality control people, he began to get the orders ready for distribution. He needed this out there on the streets by tonight or else he would probably lose more than a little profit, which would do no one any good. The fact it was late to begin with put him under pressure, and he had heard that the police were sniffing around this area. Maybe they had gotten a tip about the shipment, which would put him in serious aggravation.

He walked towards his motorcycle and ran a hand over his gelled hair. This was taking too long, he decided. He was getting a bad feeling, so he gave orders for them to move everything to a new location. Everyone would take a portion and meet somewhere else. They could not afford to lose this shipment, not with Morgan breathing down his neck every week.

He paused when his personal cellphone rang, a rarity since only five people knew it. He fished in his pocket for it and noted that the call display said that it was Garnet calling. He flipped open the phone to connect their call before yelling more orders. Pressing the phone up to his ear, he seated himself on his motorcycle. "Garnet my dear, what's the occasion for this call? You never call me... Hey, Peirson! Get your ass moving before I shoot you!" He went back to his call. "Sorry babe, what's up?"

Garnet: Tapping her foot impatiently, she could hear the hurried conversations happening through the apartment in regards to her neighbours taking care of Julia. Really was it that much of an occasion to get all gossipy about? The moment the phone picked up she opened her mouth to speak but paused when it appeared that Strife was yelling something out to those hired goons of his. Obviously he was in the middle of something, but whatever it was could damn well wait.

"So nice of you to answer for little old me," Garnet replied initially before she felt another bout of contractions beginning to wrack their way through her body. Gritting her teeth, she hid her pain through the sound of anger as she barked out. "I want you to get your ass over here now. No excuses Strife!"

Hanging up the phone with a huff, the cell dropped from her fingers and down to the floor as she almost doubled over. Supporting herself with her arms on the mattress, her blue eyes held determination in them as she hissed out "Fucking labour!" before her attention shot back to the woman now standing in the doorway.

"I thought I told you to get in bed Garnet! Don't make me call an ambulance on you."

The words only got the other woman a flip of her finger before Garnet complied and got herself up on the bed. It was clear of all of the blankets and quilts it usually had, and now simply had a few sheets she'd specially bought for this occasion. She didn't care much for her state of undress as she pulled her dress up and over her head. Snapping up a blanket, Garnet battered Cynthia's hands away from helping her as she snapped. "Just shut the fuck up and do your job Cynthia."

Strife: Something seemed wrong, but Strife didn't have the time to actually ask Garnet was it was about. She was apparently too busy screaming at him to get over to her place. He frowned, since she normally tried to small talk him a little before demanding for his attention. Was she really horny or had something really bad happened to her? He hoped she hadn't picked something up that was too heavy... she was pretty close to the end of her term, though. He hoped she hadn't hurt herself.

He sighed and flipped his phone shut after the call was abruptly disconnected. "Hey Dolph, I gotta go. The old bat is screaming for some sex," he called to his friend, pointing at his phone as if that was all the evidence he needed. "I'll leave this in your fine hands... so don't fuck it up, or I'll fuck you up." He needed this shipment was all he could think. Why did she have to call now of all times?

He started his motorcycle and drove off to where he could hide his bike and go the rest of the way on foot. Figures she calls in broad daylight... it must have been pretty bad for her to have to scream for him over the phone. Bet she was naked too, he thought. That woman would be the death of him someday... He would make sure she regretted it too. Maybe he would get the opportunity to haunt her apartment or something.

He rushed as much as he felt necessary, which was more like a hurried trot on his part. He went through the back of the building after stealing someone's ball cap to hide his appearance and slipped into the apartment block. Arriving to Garnet's floor, he didn't bother knocking and pushed into the room then kicked the door shut after him. "Oi, Garnet... what the hell about calling me for sex right now?"

Garnet: "That's right, just keep breathing Garnet."

The calm words from Cynthia really weren't calming her down she felt the midwife mulling around while attempting to useful. She had other more effective ways to keep her mind off of the current situation, and while it worked well, it didn't help much for the target in general. 'Where the hell is he?!' Her mind snapped irritably.

It had been some time since she called him, and she wouldn't have been surprised if he'd stopped off to see the damn scenery... or at least steal some poor old woman's purse. That thought brought a small hint of fondness inside, before it was wiped away with another contraction. "Ah fuck!" She yelled out as her body continually attempted to get the damn baby out of her.

No, she had to wait and hold off until Strife got here. Clenching the sheets below her tightly, she didn't even notice the fact that Cynthia had disappeared between her bent legs to check on everything as she heard the door kick shut. It could only be one person, and with that in mind, Garnet rode out the latest bout of contractions as she called out with her voice panting with breath. "The bedroom. Now!"

Strife: Damn, Garnet must have really wanted it... she sounded pretty worked up already and he had just got here. What the hell was up with her? Normally she could managed more than demanding screeches in his general direction, and now he was completely convinced that she was naked. Maybe he should have stopped for a slurpie or something, but that probably would have warranted another screaming phone cal from her. She didn't seem to be in the most patient mood that the moment.

Walking to the bedroom as ordered, Strife pulled off the baseball cap and tossed to aside. He would throw it out later on. He entered into the bedroom and stopped cold at the sight that greeted him. He looked shocked as he stared at the scene before he suddenly blurted, "holy shit, lesbians in my house!" Then it seemed to hit him that he hadn't approved of this activity yelled, "what are you doing?!"

Without thinking about it, he pulled his gun from where it sat at the back of his pants and pointed it at the person as a serge of jealousy rampaged through him. How dare she get anywhere close to his pregnant woman? "What the hell is the meaning of this?!"

Garnet: The scream caught both Garnet and Cynthia's attention, and despite the pain running through her body. Garnet couldn't help but slap her hand to her forehead. Trust her boneheaded fiance to take everything completely out of proportion.

"What the hel--" Cynthia started with, but her words were cut off with a scream as she found a gun pointing at her head.

"Strife! For crying out loud. Put that away." Garnet snapped as she attempted to get up. Her strength left her though as she fell back down against the mattress. Gripping the sheets around her, she hissed in pain as yet another contraction overtook her body. She didn't think she could last for much longer. "She's helping me to deliver our baby!"

Unwilling to move, Cynthia shot a few worried glances between the gun, Strife, Garnet, and the child waiting to come out. She'd been ordered here by Dolph and thought that Strife was fully aware of the situation. Obviously not though. The midwife thought before softly muttering. "I really need to take care of your fiancee Strife... she's almost full dilated."

Strife: And now they were all screaming at each other! He had enough sense to flip the safety off his gun before shooting that whore for going to places he refused to let anyone but himself go to. He clearly would have shot her too if Garnet's yell hadn't reached him, even if he wasn't yet ready to put the gun away as he became confused over what the hell was going on. Who was that lesbian?

That wasn't a normal reaction for someone to give for the situation either, and he slowly lowered the gun to point towards the floor. At the mention of baby and deliver, he looked around as if some sort of haze had fallen over him. She was in labour? And fully-dilated? What the hell did that mean? Weren't hospital people supposed to do the baby thing and then he came later on to visit when no one was watching? This was supposed to happen in the common house.

Oh my god, she was having the baby here in the house! He dropped his gun and went for his cell phone instead as panic set over him. "Holy shit, I'll call a doctor! No... an ambulance... isn't that those things that take people to the hospital?" He had trouble flipping open his phone let alone dial any numbers as he looked desperately at Garnet and rushed over and practically flung himself on the floor next to her. "Just hold on... I'm sure there's some emergency service... Ah, the baby now?!"

Garnet: There were two pairs of surprised eyes looking at Strife the moment after he lowered the gun and then set off into a panic. Cynthia did the only thing she could at that time and disappeared back between Garnet's legs - not only for the oncoming birth, but to hide herself from any other explosive reactions the mighty ganglord might have. She'd never seen him react in such a way before.

"Strife calm down!" Garnet called out in surprise as he began to panic. Reaching out to grab his hand to stop him from calling, she did her best to plaster on a comforting smile as she panted out. "Cynthia knows exactly what to do, and if there's any complications she knows to call an ambulance."

Bringing up the back of her hand to press against his cheek, her smiled remained in place as she muttered. "I wanted you to be here for the birth of our second child." Her words ended with a strained tone as the pain flared up again.

"Alright it's coming. Now start pushing Garnet."

Strife: Strife's brain felt like a blank slate as he fumbled around desperately, not sure what he should do but aware he should be doing something. What did men do in these situations? He hadn't even been around for when Julia was born, had just been presented with her later on when Garnet was ready to snark at him. This was such an immediate thing that he truly felt his lack of experience in such matters. He should be calling the ambulance to get her to the hospital! They were professionals and they wouldn't let anything happen to his girls!

He barely heard Garnet ordering him to calm down as he suddenly threw his hands up. "What's the number for 9-1-1?!" He flung the phone away in frustration and desperate when it didn't come to him right away. He stared at her, taking little comfort in her attempt to draw him from doing anything rash. "But... but... you need a professional... a doctor and a few nurses... they have to help! I don't want something to happen to you," he whined desperately and tugged his hand away from hers. Where was his damn phone?! Oh right... he had flung it away.

He pouted despite himself before he was alerted by the words of this 'Cynthia' lesbian. "What?! Coming like... NOW?!" He threw his hands up in the air and dived for his phone. He madly hit random buttons in hopes it would get him something. "Garnet, I'm not ready for this! What about the hospital?" He made the mistake of peering over Cynthia's shoulder in an attempt to sight Garnet's face and paled at the sight. "Holy shit! The baby...!" He made despite hand motions as if to show what he was talking about but ended up almost hyperventilating in his panic.

Garnet: Garnet would have laughed at Strife's inexperience if she wasn't feeling the sudden rush of pain ripping throughout her as the baby impatiently tried to find a way out. It felt like hours of effort and work, and by the time she'd managed to push the baby from her body, exhaustion was setting in. The sound of the newborn cried out within the bedroom as Garnet slumped back against the mattress. While her body was still tingling with pain from the birth, she found she was simply too tired to care about such trivial things.

From the set of lungs on the kid it appeared that their child was healthy. That thought brought a tired smile to Garnet's face as she tried her hardest not to fall asleep.

"You've got a girl!" Cynthia happily as she wrapped up the young infant in a thick blanket. The crying didn't die down as the material was wrapped securely around the small body moments before Cynthia reached over with one hand to grab the scissors. Offering them to Strife, she rearranged herself and the new infant so that the cord was offered before asking. "Care to do the honours Strife?"

Strife: Strife had managed to calm himself enough to huddle against the side of the bed with his head next to Garnet's arm, but he didn't trust himself to get up and make any rounds just yet. He was still panicked and every scenario raced around in his brain, which would leave him pale and almost hyperventilating while alternating between going for his phone and going for his gun. He felt so helpless, and he wasn't sure what he could do to make himself useful. All the questions kept blocking any coherant thought from getting through to him.

He lifted his head a little at the shift from the bed and the sudden wailing noise that sounded. He rubbed his face with the heel of his hand and stared at Cynthia who was holding a bundle and handing him scissors. Did she really want him to stab her with them? His eyes flicked down to where she was indicating, and he made a strange sort of panicked gasping gulp and fumbling the scissors, pushing himself back against the wall desperately.

"Fuck you! I'm not hurting you or her! Go find another pon, you whore," he cried in a mix of confused anger and panic. "I'm supposed to be the good guy in this situation!"

Garnet: Both of the women in the room were surprised when Strife fumbly took the scissors and backed up against the wall. "But I don--" There was an obvious look of worry and confusion highlight Cynthia's expression, but Garnet's was different. Frowning softly at the confused anger and panic, she began to worry over just what had caused the situation. It wasn't until she heard the second part that realisation hit her tired mind.

Forcing herself up on her elbows so she could see Strife, Garnet shook her head subtly and smiled over towards her fiance. "She wants you to cut the umbilical cord Strife." She softly spoke before gesturing towards the organic tube Cynthia was holding. "Even in hospitals fathers are given the opportunity to cut the cord after birth. It's a natural thing honey."

"She's right," Cynthia gave an accompanying nod of her head before shooting a glare over towards Garnet."And you should be resting on the bed Garnet."

Strife: Looking to Garnet, Strife shot Cynthia a look before his eyes dropped down. He wouldn't do that... it would hurt his little girl, and he couldn't do that. He was supposed to be a good father, even if he had completely neglected his duty to get Garnet to a hospital where all these things happened. The women where supposed to go to where the professionals were so that everything would be perfect and nothing could go wrong. The house wasn't an appropriate place, he kept thinking. It was done though.

He picked up the scissors and looked at them. "But... I'll hurt her," he said and tried to hand them back to Cynthia. "I can't hurt her... I do that all the time to other people." He couldn't bring himself to do it, not when she was already crying despite the blanket wrapped around her. He was certain his father had never done anything like that for him when he was born... and he could imagine his mother encouraging the use of sharp objects around a newborn.

Garnet: Despite laying back down against the mattress, Garnet's gaze never once left Strife. Understanding dawned on her at that moment, and while she thought it would have been nice to go over and actually comfort him, instead all she could do was lay there and smile. Closing her eyes for a moment, Garnet inhaled a deep breath as she absorbed the words moments before returning her attention back onto her lover.

"The cord isn't apart of her body so she can't feel any pain from it." A calming smile touched her lips as she beckoned for Strife to approach. She was thankful also that Cynthia took the moment to stay out of this while she spoke to her fiance. It would have only caused further unnecessary problems. "It's the cord that connected her to me throughout the pregnancy, and since it has served its purpose, it's no longer needed and is cut away from the baby."

Dropping her hand back down to the mattress, the tired smile never once left her lips as she muttered. "If you do not want to then that's fine. Cynthia can do it and then you can hold our little girl."

Strife: When it was explained to him, Strife stared at the offending cord as if it might leap over and strangle him if he even decided to come close with the scissors. He really didn't want to hurt their daughter no matter what, and if Garnet was certain that nothing bad would happen if he actually went ahead and cut it, then he would consider doing it. He glanced to the scissors that he had thrust out towards Cynthia and slowly drew them back to himself, examining them for a moment.

This was too weird. He wasn't made to handle this kind of stuff. He didn't care if he looked like a complete coward, but he just didn't want to hurt his little girl at all. Dads were supposed to be nice and kind to their children.

Sliding forward across the floor, he lifted the scissors and closed his eyes as he cut through the umbilical cord. He set the scissors down and backed off immediately, waiting for any cries of pain that might follow his action.

Garnet: For a long moment Garnet had thought that Strife would have refused to try and cut the cord, but it appeared that her fears were for nothing as he mustered up the strength. She had to smile sadly at the sight of seeing him back off so quickly after the gesture, and yet there was a small hope within her that once he saw it caused no harm he would calm.

Cynthia glanced down to the infant after the cord was closed, and while it had remained crying ever since she had been born, the cries didn't increase after the umbilical cord was severed. Wrapping the blanket back around the small body, the baby within her arms slowly began to quieten at the warmth before Cynthia knelt down and offered Strife his newest edition to the family.

"You can hold her. I've got to finish attending your fiancee." She offered with a bright smile.

Strife: Slowly, Strife took the offered bundle and leaned back against the wall, drawing his knees up to help support the little one in his arms. He cuddled the blanketed bundle soothingly, peering through the layers of blanket to the newborn's scrunched up face and felt a wave of relief that she appeared to be just fine and without any hint of pain. He pushed the blanket down a little and slid a finger along her plump cheek, caressing the soft reddened skin until he drew the infant's attention.

Blue eyes peered back at him when she fell quiet and grubbled up at him. They were similar in colouration as his own eyes, and he swelled with pride. She was very beautiful, and he was deeply in love with her despite the fact it had only been a minute since he had first lay his eyes on her. He had always thought that Julia would have a little sister to play with.

Rocking the small bundle in his arms, he closed his eyes and tried to memorize what she looked like. "...can we call her Sarah?"

Garnet: Garnet tried to ignore the feeling of invasion as Cynthia finished things up between them. If she had anymore energy there was no doubt that she would have snapped a harsh word or two at the midwife, but as it stood she simply couldn't be bothered. Instead, Garnet found her eyes straying over towards where Strife sat with their child, and quietly watched as her lover began bonding with their newest addition to the family.

"There you go, off doing your own thing again." She muttered to Strife before turning her attention back to Cynthia when the other woman emerged.

"You're all done for now, but I strongly suggest you remain resting today Garnet. I'll be in the living room if you need me." Nodding her head, she paid no further attention to the other woman as she picked up the few soiled cloths and water before Cynthia left. Shifting her legs back down along the mattress, she winced at the pain before sighing. "We can call her that."

It was only fair considering the fact that Strife was unable to be there when she named Julia. Not that she'd ever say that to him of course.

Strife: Strife looked up at the sound of Garnet's voice, remaining silent as he cradled the little bundle closer to his chest. He slowly climbed to his feet when it was clear that Cynthia was on the outs and he watched her go, making sure that she didn't attempt to take his gun or his phone. He remained standing for a moment longer before he shifted his weight and looked down at Garnet, who looked about as pale and tired as he felt.

He walked to the end of the bed and crawled on it, ever mindful of the precious bundle that he was carrying. He seated himself next to where Garnet lay and leaned over to press his lips to her forehead. He offered his fiance the opportunity to hold their newest edition because he would probably hog the little infant later on and it would be up to Garnet to pry her off him later.

"...you sure that's what we should call her? Can you think of something better?"

Garnet: It was almost cute the way that Strife was so cautious around Cynthia and the way his guard remained up until the other woman had left the room. While she wasn't about to pick just anyone to come over and deliver their baby, she found Strife's protectiveness rather entertaining. It was one of the many things she'd grown rather fond of during their time together.

Keeping her attention trained on Strife as he approached the bed, Garnet leant her forehead up towards the kiss before pushing herself up to half-sit. Sighing as she leant back against the head of the bed, Garnet snapped. "Oh so I finally get to hold her after doing all the hard work." Yet the words held no heat behind them.

Garnet reached out and took the young infant from her lover's arms and cradled her within her own. Glancing down at the tuffs of blonde hair poking out and the bright blue eyes, Garnet's entire expression lightened considerably as she joked, "She looks just like me," before smiling teasingly over at Strife.

Holding the baby close to her, she forced her body to lean in so she could place a kiss on her lover's cheek. "Sarah is a good name. I'm sure she'll love it."

Strife: Strife didn't even have it in him to be sheepish over her snapped words. Cynthia had given the little one to him first, so it wasn't his fault that he had managed to manhandle their little girl before Garnet. She was just bitching about anything, though he thought she must have been tired after doing all that work. How long had she been in labour for anyway? He heard horror stories about women who had been in for over a day, but it appeared that Garnet was lucky or had been hiding it well last night.

He huffed softly and ran his fingers through his red gelled hair. "Only because I dye my hair," he muttered and sat back to watch the bond between mother and child. He wasn't sure he was ready to experience that again for a long time, since he still felt scared over coming in when he kept thinking that it was better in a hospital.

"Are you going to feed her?" When did that sort of thing start? He hadn't been privy to when Julia first came into the world, so now he had all these worries and questions.

Garnet: Chuckling softly at Strife's hair comment, Garnet shifted back against the head of the bed as she silently gestured for her lover to sit next to her. Bringing up a hand to run over the smooth skin of their child's head, she found her movements pausing before she shot a playful glare over towards Strife. "You'll do anything just to see my boobs wouldn't you? Men! Always thinking with their dicks."

She pulled down the blanket wrapped around her body until her chest was exposed. Pushing aside the blankets surrounding Sarah's small frame, Garnet smiled gently at their daughter as she murmured. "I'm glad that you could make it and be here for this." She spoke no further on the subject - least she begin snapping at Strife for making her sound so weak - before she brought their daughter up to her chest.

Guiding her nipple towards the infant's mouth, it didn't take long before their newborn began sucking as she began taking her first meal. "I hope I didn't drag you away from anything too important for this. You sounded busy on the phone."
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