Strife (once_a_hero) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Kalm - The Beach

Strife had to keep himself from dragging his feet as he walked down the beach away from the fisherman's dock. He had never been fishing before this date, and he was hoping to never ever do it again in his future days. It was painfully boring, which opened up Garnet's father, Paul, to talking and asking difficult questions to answer for him.

He had had to be taught on what all the parts of a fishing rod were, what bait and tackle was, and how to cast and draw in the line. He had accidentally pricked himself when trying to get bait on his lure and the only comfort was he had bled on Nash for trying to help him. And his only catch had come from getting frustrated and pulling out his hunting knife where he had stabbed a fish accidently through the dock boards. Apparently, that was 'city folk' ways of doing things.

He thought that he had managed to age twenty years in two hours, and now all he wanted was to curl up and cry somewhere. Maybe he could wander off and kick someone's ass to make himself feel better, but then even that pleasure was denied to him.

"Wasn't that fun, Strife," Nash chirped next to him.

He didn't even bother to muster any enthusiasm as he drawled with, "yeah... fun."

"The beach is a precious place. Not only is it for bonding with family and friends, but there is usually plenty of wonderful sights too," Nash said in an attempt to make good conversation. He pointed over to a group of young spry women in bikinis. "There is a prime example of sightseeing down here, eh?"

Strife peered around Nash at the women in question, and he couldn't help but look. They were about his age and splashing each other as they chased around a brightly coloured beachball. He huffed after a moment to looking and folded his hands behind his head. "Even I would look better in a bikini then them," he commented dryly. "But I suppose it's acceptable for the back country."

"Ruby been harassing you?" Nash raised an eyebrow.

"Nah, I chased her off," Strife replied and dusted some sand from his red swimshorts. "She was pretty mad."

"She'll be back. She usually tries twice before completely giving up... besides, you think she came to the beach to watch her nieces? No, no... it was an opportunity," Nash said, drawing closer to Strife and nudging him with an elbow. "She wants to see you in as little as possible."

Huffing again, Strife scowled. "If she's so damn interested, I'll just drop my shorts and slap her across the face with it."

Nash was silent for a moment before smirking. "I'm pretty sure she would try to have her way with you if you did that. Watch yourself... she's frisky."

They were drawing closer to where everyone had made camp underneath a beach umbrella for the young children. They were all playing in the sand and making castles and mounds in the sand, aside from Sarah who was being held and played with by Jean. He couldn't see Garnet anywhere, but Scarlet and Ruby were down by the water.

And Paul was scarily and joyously walking behind them.
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