Strife (once_a_hero) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Return to Midgar

Escaping from Kalm had been surprisingly easy given how many police officers had been stationed there. He had only knocked about three down in total for his four day stay hiding away and making plans to escape. Two had been victim to an attack he had done on the border of the town, but the officers were apparently instructed to apprehend him at any cost so long as he was alive.

Then he had planned and waited, tracking a single officer who looked like him in some ways. He had staged an accident and family emergency so that the officer would be removed from the search team and allowed to return to Midgar to stay with the loved one in the car accident. That was when he had struck, knocked the poor kid out and stolen the uniform and identity.

From there, it was just an easy drive in a police cruiser back to Midgar. He had even smoked in the car, just to prove that the rules for such things didn't apply to him. He was pretty sure that Rufus would throw a fit after finding out that he had escaped and returned to the safety of his slums. Once there, he was free to do as he pleased.

Strife had dumped the car outside of Rufus' estate and lit the car on fire as a symbol of his escape, one he was sure Rufus would find out about. He had fled on a motorcycle with Dolph still in his uniform until arriving at Garnet's apartment.

He was still uncertain about seeing her after their last outburst and the sudden blurt of information out at her. He wanted to see her badly though, having missed her escape from Midgar himself. He would have followed regardless of the police to protect her and see her home safely, but he had figured it out too late. It didn't really matter that they were fighting and she was likely angry at him... she had to let her know that he was safe. He would never allow his woman to cry over him.

Still clad in an officer's uniform, Strife knocked on the front door to her apartment, keeping his head down so that the visor of his hat covered his face. Would she even allow him entry?
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