Strife (once_a_hero) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Midgar - Sector 2 Slums

"Hey, hand me that phone," Strife called as he leaned against the reclining chair. He grabbed the phone out of the air as it was tossed to him, flipping it open with his thumb. "What's her number again?"

"Shouldn't you be resting? Doc's pulling bullet fragments out of your damn leg," Sheila said with a scowl on her face.

Waving his good hand in the air, he inputted Garnet's mobile phone number before glancing over to where Dolph was sleeping off the drugs. He grunted as the doctor tending to his leg injury began working out a large bullet fragment. Damn that was painful, but not as painful as his damaged pride from having his ass kicked by a goody-two shoe cop. He was certain Rufus was gloating about it somewhere.

He hit the 'send' button and pressed the phone to his ear, waiting for her to pick up. He had to make sure that she was alright and yell at her for getting him shot in the first place. She claimed to be wanting to protect him then goes and does something dumb which ended up sending him to an illegal hospital underground. What a woman.
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