war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Midgar - Topside

It had been just over two weeks since she'd last seen Strife in person - ever since that disastrous return of Strifs to Midgar. That's not to mention the fact that Rufus has been over at her place every day since that incident. She had never seen that much of the other man even when they were dating, but put his pride and ambition on the line, and she never got rid of him. Ahh boys were always trouble.

Fortunately the insufferable man was busy coordinating something or arather at the station today, which left her with a few hours to herself. She had two officers 'accompanying' her at all times though, but Garnet thought it was the lesser of two evils for the time being. If things kept up the way they were going, then people were going to start believing that Rufus and herself were an item. That thought didn't sit well with her, but she could hardly say otherwise considering her situation.

To do so would endanger not only her children, but her family as well.

Garnet was broken out of her thoughts as the pedestrian crossing sounded. That's right; she had shopping to do. Adjusting the sunglasses on her face, she began crossing the intersection.
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