war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Wedding Planning

It had been nothing but busy since she'd returned back to Strife's side. The first week had been a complete bliss as she spent the time mostly within Strife's arms and with their children. Another week had been spent with her family and beginning the whole 'healing' process for the mess she'd dragged them into. It took some work, but Garnet and the rest of her family had finally come to terms with the whole matter. Now all she had to do was plan her wedding. Her mother was more than eager to help, and while she did accept her view point on occasion, Garnet wanted to be the one to focus on planning the wedding.

She wanted it to be special, and be an event that Strife could be proud of being apart of.

So Garnet had begun working on making the plans. Strife had been elusive ever since she'd begun beginning her plans, and any attempt to discuss things with her fiance had failed. Garnet had allowed it at first, but the more she'd planned out, the more she needed her lovers help. She was more than capable of dealing with organising companies to deal with the catering, flowers, venue, and all of the other little intricacies, but she honestly wanted Strife's input in regards to her lover's outfit for the ceremony and for his best man and grooms man. It would be easily enough to deal with that, but there were sizes and fittings that needed to be done. Not to mention the right colouring scheme so then it wouldn't clash with the flowers or the table set up or something.

That wasn't so much to ask now was it?

Flipping through to the next page, Garnet began writing down the name of yet another florist to talk to. Now wasn't the time to distract herself with Strife. She'd deal with him once her lover had finished with his phone calls. Until then, she'd continue researching possible business interests.
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