war_bound (war_bound) wrote in afterlifereborn,

Time's Up

The body she was inhabiting was wonderfully easy to overtake during an intoxicated state. Just like it was now. Garnet was sleeping blissfully unaware that her body was waking up and in control of someone else. The alcohol did wonders when it came to Scarlet and her desire, and right now, she was feeling rather playful. It had been centuries since she'd been able to get anything and she would wait no longer. Rufus wasn't anywhere to be found, and would be rather inaccessible until her plan came into fruition. All she had now was the unresponsive pile of flesh and bones beside her.

Speaking of the flesh and bone.

Rolling over onto her side, Scarlet wrapped an arm around Strife's slumbering body before her fingers began tracing circles along the bare skin on his side. The kids were gone, and it was simply the two of them remaining in the house. It was just what she wanted. Leaning down, she brushed her lips over his cheek as she softly murmured. "Cloud,"

Her words were soft as she spoke, and after trailing her lips down to brush over Strife's, Scarlet continued her attempt to coax Cloud out to play. "I wouldn't recommend keeping me waiting any longer." She purred while dropping her hand down to fondle the sleeping man's groin.

It was her silent declaration that if he wasn't going to satisfy her, she would find satisfaction elsewhere.
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