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Strife: He slipped the key into the door and opened the lock as silently as was physically possible. It was a simple matter of easing the door open and sliding inside where he kicked off his shoes and carefully shut the door behind him. He disliked waking up his young family because of his late nights, as he had made a promise to be around more for Garnet and their little Julia. He had at least managed to make it back each night to crawl into bed with Garnet, even if his hours to do so were varied depending on what he was doing that night.

He padded silently down the hallway and slipped into Julia's room, tip-toeing across the room to where she lay deep asleep in her bed. He leaned down and gave her a little kiss on the cheek, tucking the blankets around her a little more snugly. "Daddy's here to protect you, my little girl," he whispered and then slipped back out of the room and went to the living room.

Garnet was not up, and he hadn't expected her to be. He moved to their bedroom and eased himself inside silently, not wanting to wake her since sleep seemed to come and go with the temperament of their unborn child. He stripped by the door, leaving only a pair of boxers on before he moved to the bed opposite to where Garnet slept and slid under the covers. He moved across the bed and pressed himself against her as subtly as possible. He shifted his pillow over to be under his head and heaved a heavy sigh. Another night of a promise kept... this was hard work.

Garnet: The first sense she got that someone else was in the room with her was after the mattress had sunk down slightly. Yet considering their attempt to keep quiet and not disturb her, Garnet's sleep-ridden mind could already deduce who it was in the room. The subtle press of warmth against her side had Garnet turning towards the feeling of heat, and after throwing one arm tiredly around Strife's waist, she nuzzled her face sleepily up against her lover's shoulder.

"You're late," She muttered tiredly while forcing one eye open to glance up at her fiance. While it was nice having him sleep beside her, she also knew just how difficult and taxing such a trip would have to be every night - especially after a long day smashing peoples skulls against one another. Inhaling a deep breath, Garnet pressed her lips to the skin along his shoulder as she added, "You don't have to force yourself to come home every night Strife."

Strife: Well, so much for keeping her asleep... at least he could say that he had tried for her sake. He appreciated her snuggling back against him and rested a hand on her swollen belly for a moment before he raised that arm and curled it around her back, drawing her warm body up against his own. He stroked his hand up and down her back slowly, giving small bursts of a massage with his hand as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. Maybe she had been awake and waiting for him after all.

He made a noncommittal noise to her words. He didn't mind coming back, but he had moments of feeling bad when he came in at all hours of the night. However, the feeling of snuggling in on her nice warm body almost always drew him since they had become engaged. She was welcoming of him even if he came in at all hours. It was probably the pregnancy, but she was very snugly and willing to forgive him for coming in late. "Mmm, I know... I needed someone to warm my feet up though," he joked and curled his legs around hers.

Garnet: The noncommittal noise brought her further out of her sleepy daze as she glanced up at him. It was so typical of men, and she shouldn't have found herself surprised by the fact that he was unwilling to admit weakness. It was a rather cute trait even though she'd never admit it, and she found it rather sexy at times as well.

She made a please sound at his touches and massages, before giving him a playful little slap on his backside for the joked words. Her legs flinched at the sudden cold feeling, before she playfully sighed in irritation and allowed Strife to curl his legs around hers. "So I'm nothing but a hot-water bottle to you hmm?" Garnet sleepily snapped, before curling herself up against his warmth.

She remained like that for a few moments before breaking her silence. "How was your day?"

Strife: He grunted at the slapping to his already abused backside, since Garnet had slapped him the night before and this morning before he had left. He was certain that had deserved both with a snarky comment or two, but he could still silently complain about it. She always made it up to him though, whether it was with a meal or her mouth on some part of him, it didn't matter. She was better on maternity leave too, and he sometimes wondered if she wandered around naked in broad daylight.

He shivered as the thought got his brain going, but he tried not to go off and pop of boner on her after that slap. "Mmmm... and a baby-maker too," he offered as he opened an eye to regard her. He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "Hey... do you ever happen to wander around naked in the apartment?" He just had to ask... settle things for good.

He made a grumpy noise. "Annoying... my shipment was late and some bonehead shot one of my guys," he muttered darkly. "Some people are so stupid..."

Garnet: Lifting her head off of his shoulder at the further offer, Garnet felt a golden brow rise up as if she wass unimpressed by the addition. Well it wasn't like she could deny it - especially with her stomach as swollen and her body as heavily pregnant as it was. Yet despite this she leant in to the kiss against her cheek. Her mind, however, took a turn for the worse as she heard the question. Seeing it as payback for the previous insult to her, Garnet looked down and smiled pleasantly as she easily offered.

"I quite often do that after my morning shower." Leaning down, she brushed her lips over his as she continued speaking, "I find that it's rather relaxing to not have to worry about clothes getting in the way."

Pulling her mouth away, she didn't miss the grumpy sound from her lover before he recounted his day. "I do hope you showed him the error of his ways." Garnet bluntly stated, before pushing herself to sit up on the bed. Shifting one leg over until she was straddling her lover's hips, she ran her hands along the muscles along Strife's chest as she murmured. "They are stupid, but you're here to get rid of such useless people."

Strife: He couldn't see very well, but he was pretty sure that she was smiling in that way that would make him regret asking a question in the first place. He couldn't take it back, and he was certain that she was going to answer it even if he said he didn't want to know. It was because he did want to know that would be say it and then his brain could happily run off on a new tangent and form all manner of pictures that would make him want to have at her even at this time of night.

He groaned as if pained when she finally did answer and shifted his legs backwards. He could already imagine how nice that would look, and best yet, he knew if he was there that he would sneak up behind her and start to kiss along her neck and enjoy the voyeurism that would be produced from him. "...you could have just said yes instead of giving out details," he whined pitifully.

On his back, he settled himself in on the mattress and yawned, but it turned into a nice moan at the feel of her hands against his skin. "Yeah, don't worry... I had him curb stomped then shot." He lost himself in the feeling of her hands and the weight of her body against his thighs. "I always pay back those who cross me."

Garnet: "I could have, but you did ask and I thought you wouldn't have been satisfied with a simple 'yes' as your answer." She murmured silkily in response. Garnet was more than aware of the reactions her admittance would create, but that was all well and good considering it was the reaction she wanted in the first place.

Keeping her hands trailing over his chest, she continued to caress and massage Strife's body as he moaned pleasantly at the touch. "Hmm I would have loved to have seen you in action," Making a soft pleased sound at 'payment' that fool got, Garnet paused as she finally remembered what had finally come today.

Reaching up to press her fingers to his lips, she glanced down at the shadows along Strife's body while muttering. "Speaking of which - I've got something for you." Pushing herself off from her lover's body, Garnet made sure to ease her way off the bed carefully as she muttered a quiet 'shield your eyes' moments before flicking the bedside lamp on. "Keep your eyes shut until I say so, otherwise I'll refuse to give it to you." Garnet demanded while sending Strife a glare that told him she wasn't joking.

Strife: Strife decided that it was best not to say anything and just control his body from showing too much of a reaction to the images that Garnet's words had brought up in his mind. Even spending more time with her and she still somehow got him all hot and bothered all the time. Maybe he should see a doctor and ask if there was something wrong with him? Or he could just take it all out on Garnet when she least expected it... he hadn't pranked her lately, and he could think of something really good.

"Too dangerous for you," he said matter-of-factly. He wouldn't take Garnet within a mile of his territory where the borders weren't yet settled. He would risk anything right now, not with her so close to term. "I'll have someone take a picture next time though."

He frowned at the mention of getting him something, not sure what he had done to warrant that sort of thing. He never expected any form of gift, and it was normally him dragging in some manner of present for Garnet or Julia. He did as he was told even if he was curious, but there was no point in arguing with Garnet, even at this hour of the night. He wondered what she was doing. "I promise to keep my eyes closed until you tell me to open them."

Garnet: Satisfied with the answer she got, Garnet reached for her robe and wrapped it around her body as the cool air brushed past her. "Good, since I've had nothing but time on my hands ever since you were so kind enough to give me leave from work... I've had to keep myself occupied otherwise." She bitched lightly while moving away from the bed and over towards the closet.

It had taken her a few days to get the original design right, and the rest of the time was getting into contact with the few people she'd met through her clients that could get the job done. Money wasn't an issue for her, and she was just pleased that she'd managed to get it done and returned to her before the child was born. After then she would have been far too busy to consider such gifts so it pleased her greatly.

Reaching into the closet, Garnet winced slightly as she picked up her gift before almost dragging it out of the area due to the weight. While she wasn't exactly weak, it was the offset of being so heavily pregnant along with the fact of the weight of the metal which was making it difficult. Marcos had been kind enough to bring it in for her previously, and it was only now she was realising just how heavy her gift was. Still she wouldn't let that get in her way. Taking the long object over to the bed, she dropped a series of what sounded like belts onto the mattress before seating herself on the edge of the bed. Pulling the gift up with her, she dragged it up and over the mattress until it came to lay comfortably along Strife's thighs.

Glancing down at the glimmering metal, she ignored the fact that there was no proper way to wrap it, and instead focused on the large two-handed sword as she reached over to touch the side of Strife's face. "You can open your eyes now."

Strife: Strife got worried when it sounded like something big and heavy was coming out the closet. He didn't think that Garnet should be doing anything that would be heavy, since he was not willing to be the cause of her labouring early. The only thing that kept him from moving was the fact that she had ordered him to keep his eyes closed, and he could hardly help her with his eyes closed like some idiot. So, he worried in silence and waited for her water to break... so then he would drop her off at the hospital. Lovely.

He frowned at the feel of something heavy resting on the bed and now he really had to wonder what the heck she was doing. He tilted his head at the sound that dropped on the bed and almost reached out to feel it, but he decided that might warrant her yelling at him. He was hoping to stay in her good books as much as possible because of the sleepless nights that were on the way soon enough, and then he would have to deal with two cranky ladies.

At the permission, he opened his eyes and stared up into her face before frowning. "If you pop and have that baby tonight... I swear..." he murmured, though he pushed himself to sit on the elbows and look down at the object that she had brought out. A look of surprise overcame him as he sat up completely and reached over to touch the hilt of the massive blade, and it reminded him of something which he had seen in history class. "You've got to be shitting me... this is huge! What a sword!" He glomped onto Garnet happily and bounced on the bed a little. "Now everyone will know just how big my cock is! Woo hoo!"

Garnet: Garnet said nothing in reply to the whole labour problem just yet. No she was still a few weeks away from that little scenario happening, and although she'd already planned exactly where she was going to have their child, Garnet hadn't exactly told Strife about that plan yet. She wanted to keep it as a surprise for him, and it would remain that way until he got that all important phone call in the future.

The look of surprise that overcame his features made her smile. It wasn't often that she got to surprise him in such a way, and she felt rather pleased she'd accomplished it. While she didn't feel bad that Strife was often bringing her and Julia home gifts, Garnet still felt it was unfair that he never got anything in return. While it wasn't really much, it was something at least.

She laughed at the comparison to the size of his member, and wrapped one arm around to pet him in comfort as she murmured. "Yes yes, that's the sole reason why I made this for you." Rolling her eyes playfully, she turned her head in just far enough to nip playfully at his ears as she added, "Although I'm sure it will make all the other boys jealous."

Strife: Running his fingers down the metal, Strife found himself instantly attracted to the sword. It was not often that he was given anything, but this was a wonderful gift for certain. It was probably the best gift he had ever received to his known memory, and he would make certain to cherish this... and put it to good use achieving what both he and Garnet wanted him to do. This sword would help him in that, and it looked so well-made that he was certain it would stand up to all sorts of punishment.

He smirked at her comment, though he was pleased by the sound of her laughter as well. He wasn't sure that he would be able to sleep tonight after getting a gift like this... it was almost like how Christmas was supposed to be! He tilted his head towards her nipping and ran his fingers over the impressive blade. "Oh, it will... I'm sure it will. This is like a collector's item from the past... I bet it's really heavy too. I can't wait to use it on someone I don't like," he said cheerfully and hugged Garnet close to him.

He turned his head to regard her for a moment before his eyebrows drew together. "...how come you gave me this?" Was there news he wasn't going to like and she was trying to ease it?

Garnet: A small smile of contentment appeared on Garnet's lips as Strife continued to marvel over the gift given to him. Considering his status in the community it was difficult for her to even consider giving her love much of anything outside of their family and sharing their bodies - so she felt a strange sensation of pleasure in knowing she'd done the right thing. Of course there were reasons behind the gesture, but she hoped that Strife would simply be too swamped with the gift to ask about it.

"I designed it all myself and used the best metals available on the market." Reaching out to run her fingers along the cool blade, another little smile crept up on her lips as she softly murmured. "It's even designed to withstand and deflect bullets." And there it was; the small window of the true reason behind her gift to him.

She kept her eyes trained on the large weapon for a moment longer before finally turning her attention back to Strife. Glancing away momentarily, Garnet thoughtfully bit her lower lip as she considered her answer. "I'm useless in a fight. I can't do much more than slap someone when they're out of line." She admitted while running her hand over the smooth surface of the blade almost tenderly. Her tone remained quiet, but she eventually managed to return her attention back to her lover as she continued. "I know I can never be out there alongside you while you battle - even I know I'll be nothing more than a liability - but even still I wanted to give you something... a part of myself that would always be close to you and protect you as best as possible."
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