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Garnet: Garnet had been surprised that Strife had actually remained around the apartment since Sarah was born, but she wasn't complaining either. It was nice to have him around even if she knew it wasn't going to last for long - something she wasn't sure was a good thing or not considering he was almost like a third child at times. She wouldn't be surprised if he would still be immature in another twenty years from now. That thought brought a smile to her lips as she cut the last of the sandwiches.

Glancing down at the assortment, she'd found it satisfactory in that there was at least one sandwich for everyone, although she'd made one extra for Strife considering his appetite. Picking up the long plate, Garnet made her way out of the kitchen and back towards the lounge room to where Strife was playing with both Julia and Sarah. Although given that Sarah was only a few days old, their youngest was merely sitting there comfortably protected and unaware in her father's lap.

Placing the dish down on the coffee table next to them, Garnet sat down on the floor with them before pulling Julia into her lap. "Come here you," She muttered as the little girl giggled and held her hands out to Strife as she was 'taken away'.

"No no, you can play with Daddy again later. It's lunch time now." Garnet muttered before playfully glaring over at her fiance. "Daddy's going to be good and eat as well isn't he?"

Strife: Strife wasn't sure what kept him at the apartment day after day, but he was finding it relatively difficult to leave. He kept making sorry excuses that he normally would never ever take from his boy. He thought that he just didn't want to leave, not with a new baby in the house and Garnet recovering from the birth and his silent fretting over what would go on the birth records. A mother and a father required to be registered, and they were checked by government officials, which would surely pass it on to the police. He couldn't risk his family, but a stab of jealousy hit him every time he thought of putting someone else's name down.

He played easily with Julia, who always seemed eager whenever he was around. Sarah was in his lap, her blue eyes peering around in that way that newborns always had. She was taking in the world from the comfortable recline that was helped by his lap, and he had been tending her furiously whenever he got the time. He had a growing like for babies; they were so easy to please.

He looked up when Garnet came into the living room and brushed a hand over the light dusting to Sarah's head. She would be blonde like them both, but it would be interesting to see if her hair stood up like his normally did. He smirked when Julia seemed to want to come to him and shook his head a little at his eldest to indicate she best be with mommy.

"Yes, daddy is always good," he said, though the tone was more sarcastic. "We can play later, Julia."

Garnet: It took a short while before Julia finally calmed in her lap, but eventually their oldest daughter did. Strife's rather sarcastic reply received only a slight raise of Garnet's eyebrow before her lips curved up into a smirk. "Only when you're around your two little girls you are," She muttered before chuckling quietly - the sound as if it was to herself. "You being 'good' in your line of work would get you killed, and then I'd have to go down there personally and rip the balls off whoever did it."

Garnet wasn't joking, and while she doubted she'd ever be able to pull off such a thing, she wouldn't rest until whoever did do it was put to death because of it. "But we won't have to worry about that ever happening will we love?" There was a far too pleasant smile on her face as she asked Strife.

Leaning down to place a kiss on the top of Julia's blonde hair, Garnet reached out to pick up the plate before bringing it down in front of Julia. "Mummy made this for you." Garnet had to hide a smile as Julia sat there looking at the plate, before she had no choice but to reach out and take the slice she made for Julia. Offering it too her, Garnet made a small pleased noise when the piece was taken. "That's a good girl."

Happy that Julia had her first piece, Garnet then offered the plate to Strife. "So when will you be dragged back to work?"

Strife: Strife had enough sense to look innocent as he pet Sarah's head with a hand. He had his doubts that his daughters would know anything was up, since they were much too young to find out what daddy did for a living. He was certain that he could make something up that would go over well, and he really hoped that there never came a point where it was 'bring your parent to school' day, since that would be hard to deal with. It might be a little awkward for the other parents to have him sitting there with his little girls.

He chuckled softly and shrugged his shoulders. "No, I doubt that we will... I take good care of myself when I'm at work. It doesn't seem like the work-place hazards have much to do with me." He was normally dishing out said work-place hazards to other people, but he had no intention of dying when his children were so young. They needed a father after all.

Reaching out when the plate was offered to him, Strife took the one that was obviously made for him. He took a bite and made a 'mmm' sound to encourage Julia to eat her slice of sandwich. As he thought, his daughter immediately imitated him with a goofy childish smile. "Whenever I feel like being dragged back to work. I do have some stuff to do pretty soon, but i wanted to make sure you weren't at the point of walking like you had been gangbanged."

Garnet: Putting the plate back on the table, Garnet finally took her own slice after she'd made certain that Julia was eating. Strife really was too much of an influence on her, but it was something Garnet was rather glad to see. If she had been asked over two years ago if she could see either Strife or herself in such a position, she would have laughed it off and told the other party that they were fools. Back then raising a family had never once been at the forefront of her mind, but she was glad of that one night she and Strife had together to cause of of this.

"Hmm the joys of being a working class father." Bringing to piece up to her mouth, Garnet paused at Strife's reply. "How... thoughtful of you." She eventually muttered dryly before finally taking a bite. She couldn't help the image from entering into her head at the reply, and knew there would be hell to pay if such a thing did happen.

"I'm fine now so there's little for you to worry about - unless you don't like the thought of others thinking such a thing of me?" Garnet asked with a smirk. She could already tell that it wouldn't be the case since most people who knew her knew she had been pregnant, but it was an amusing thought to playfully consider. She did love to see Strife in action after all.
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