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Kalm - Following the Trail

The moment Rufus had gotten the report about Strife he had organised a special task force and rushed right over to Kalm. In all of his years in the force, he had never once heard of the teen gang lord leaving Midgar for any reason, and this was too good of an opportunity to miss. His men were still piecing together the reported incident on the beach, but that wouldn't yet be complete until the last couple witnesses were interviewed. Yet he was still busy despite this.

He had every exit from the town under heavy guard. Each of the officers stationed there had been ordered to check every person and travelling vehicle regardless of age and gender. He would capture his target, and he would continue to tighten his net until Strife had been found and arrested. It was a thought that made Rufus inwardly smirk smugly. Strife's ass would be his, and his position as Chief as Police cemented at that moment. Then everything would be set.

Rufus had, for once, taken the hands on approach for this case and had begun knocking door to door seeking information. Every house had been searched thoroughly by the officers accompanying him, but no information regarding Strife's whereabouts had been found.

Stepping up to the front door of the next house on the list, Rufus stood one step back as he waited for the officer next to him to knock on the door. "We'll move over to the other side of the street oOnce we're finished with this house." He murmured to the officers surrounding him. They'd searched over half of this backwater town, and had yet to turn up anything.

He'd find something soon though, and when he did, Strife would be his.
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The incident at the beach had gone about as well as could have been expected, and that was saying something. It had taken the police two hours to get up to Kalm and another two hours for them to surround and lock down the entire town. Garnet had fled with the children, and Strife was no where to be seen or heard from. The kid had to know the police were here; he was cunning and sly to be sure.

Nash sighed as he flipped the burgers on the grill before turning his head towards the sound of knocking at the front door. So, the police were going door-to-door now? He had suspected that they would, but only those at the beach would really know what Strife looked like or what the teenager was doing.

He walked to the door and pulled it open with a bright smile on his face. "Yo, officers," he chimed merrily and pulled off his apron. "Is there something that I can do for you gentlemen?"

Oh ho ho, was that Chief of Midgarian police there? Strife certainly was a popular boy to draw out the Chief himself, but then... Strife would be a shiny gil in any Chief's pocket.
Rufus could tell by the smell in the air that whoever was inside was undoubtedly cooking. Forcing himself not to twist his nose in disgust, Rufus found himself glad that he had never had the unfortunate pleasure to eat such low-standing food. He was a man of class after all.

Sharp blue eyes shot up to pin the house occupant with his gaze as he and his officers were cheerfully addressed.

"Rufus Shinra, Chief of Midgar Police." The introduction was short as Rufus flashed his badge before getting right into business. "There was an incident reported on the beach earlier this afternoon that involved a high-profile criminal. We're doing searches of every residence in Kalm and would like your cooperation in this matter."

Putting his badge back in his jacket pocket, Rufus gestured for the three officers to run inside of the house to begin the search of the premises.
Nash looked at the badge with a feigned interest and immediately stepped aside to allow the officers inside. He had thought that it would go something like this, and all the rumours about Rufus being a cold man of business and high class was obviously true. Snob, came to mind.

"Ah, yes, yes, please do," he said to allow the officers inside peacefully. "If you could please be quiet on the second floor! My daughter is just down for a quick nap," he called after them, smiling and gesturing for them to continue their search.

He turned back to look at Rufus, still smiling. "I saw on the news that it was that hoodlum named Strife in town?" His smile finally faltered as he looked concerned. "Any ideas why he could come to a small town like this? We don't have much here of value... and as far as I know, drug trafficking is extremely low."
Rufus said nothing as the other man addressed his officers. They would do their job as required, and if Strife was hiding out in here, then there was no doubt their 'silence' wouldn't remain. Turning his cool gaze back onto Nash, he was the picture of uncaring indifference as he brushed off the other's question effortlessly.

"We're gathering information regarding the reason why the criminal in question travelled to this town." They had a few leads, and it made him curious. In all of his years chasing Strife, he had never once gotten any reports of the teen rebel settling down with anyone. He almost didn't believe it himself, but with the photographic evidence being developed at this moment, Rufus had no other choice but to. He'd have a lead then, and once he found out the identity of this mystery woman, his net would begin closing in.

"Were you at the beach today between the time of 2pm - 4pm?" Rufus asked.
Ah, so they were probably only piecing together the fact that Strife had been arguing with a woman down on the beach. If Strife was lucky, they were just piecing together that the pairing fighting were lovers and that it was Garnet. He wondered if they had pictures, but he had to assume that they did... meaning he could be in them. Actually, the whole family could be.

"I heard he came because of a girl," Nash chirped as he leaned against the couch casually. He grinned mischieviously at Rufus, aware that nothing would faze the man's exterior of indifference. "Imagine that... kid like him chasing after a girl. He must be losing his touch."

At the question, he managed to look sheepish. "Yeah, me and my family were down there. We had been there the entire day... such a beautiful day for the beach." He waved a hand in the air in a friendly manner. "My girls love to play in the water, ha ha."
Rufus was good at reading people, and he could tell that this one was trouble. Flipping out his notebook, Rufus began jotting down what Nash was stating for further reference. It looked as though the rumours were correct, and Strife had travelled all the way due to a female. If he could get to her, then he would be that much closer to capturing Strife.

Ignoring the friendly manner and gestures with Nash's words, Rufus stored away each piece of information as he continued questioning. "There was an incident involving Strife that occurred around 3pm. Did you or your family witness this incident at all?"
Nash leaned over to see what Rufus was writing down out a vague sense of curiousity. It also helped the cement the fact that people in Kalm were notoriously noisy and liked to know what was going on in their town. He was not about to say anything too implicating, like he had eaten dinner with the kid or anything. That would come out when he was hauled in for interrogation later.

He frowned as he searched through his memories, wondering if Rufus wanted to know about the Ruby throwing incident or the fight. He hadn't been checking the time of when the blow up occurred, so he decided to play it safe.

"Er... there were a lot of people on the beach, Chief. What kind of incident are we talking about? I didn't see any shootings or stabbings, if that's what you're asking." Well... that was a partial lie. Strife had thrown his knife into a tree... which he had collected afterwards.
The look that Rufus gave Nash was unreadable as the Chief of Police waited in silence. There was definitely something up with this one, but that didn't mean that it had anything to do with this case. Even despite that though, he would do a background check on this one. Something just didn't sit right with Rufus.

"We got reports of a verbal disturbance involving a woman, roughly 5'6" - 5'8" in height, blonde, and wearing a revealing red bikini." Rufus stated matter-of-fact to Nash. Almost everyone on the beach saw at least some portion of that incident, and he found it unlikely that this man wouldn't have at least heard something if what he said about being there all day was true. Not to mention that if he knew small town people was right, then news travelled faster than anything else here. Something that big would have been racing from mouth to mouth. "Any information you have is appreciated."
Nash rested his hands on either side of him as he considered the description. Wow, they had made a solid find already, and it would be simple to place him and the rest of the family at the scene. Hell, some of their neighbours may have already stated the names of those who were with Strife.

That kid sure was bringing in the trouble. They would definitely need a private beach next time.

"Oh yes, I saw a teenager fighting with what looked to be his girlfriend, but I didn't think anything of it," he commented as he considered the information that was safe to give out. "The kid was blond and wearing red swimming trucks... he was quite attractive; they showed off his hips. Actually, now that I think about it, their suits were matching."

He waved a hand in the air again. "But you know, sometimes lovers have quarrels, even in the most public of places."
Rufus looked up from his notepad at the admittance to seeing the fight. Scanning through each word spoken to him, the Chief of Police frowned ever-so-subtly as he found something not quite sitting right with him.

"Did you manage to hear what they were quarreling over?" Rufus asked after a moment of quiet thought. He'd wait and see whether his gut feeling was correct. "Any information could help break the case and capture the criminal in question."
Now there was a tricky question to answer, but he felt he could go out on a limb for his future brother-in-law at this point. Rufus was a keen man and probably going to suspect him eventually.

"Well, they were shouting pretty loudly," Nash confided. "From what I could understand, something about a wedding and then there was some shouting about the kid getting killed in a back alley." He shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "They seemed pretty serious, but then he ran off and she fled as well."
There had been a few people who had given him reports on the conflict, but he hadn't yet gotten anything more than mixed up words. Yet the way that this man was speaking, it gave him the impression that he knew more than what he was letting on.

"It appears that there is more information that we need to discuss." Rufus said as he sighted the first officer finished with his search and returning back to his side. "I think we need to talk about this more back at my office in further detail. If you would accompany, then we could have this situation sorted out sooner rather than later."
Nash smiled childishly and rubbed the back of his head. Well, that had been expected, but it also gave him a much better idea what Rufus did and did not know about the situation. People were talking, but the messages were all screwed up and mixed messages.

"I would officer, but my girls would be left alone," he said softly. He had sent Scarlet with her parents in case he was implicated. "I can't leave them alone, but I will be more than willing to speak with you. I don't know how much help I'd be though. Would you like some coffee or can we arrange a time for me to come a visit?"
"Is there someone you can take your children to?" Rufus asked when it appeared that Nash was refusing his request. Obviously this one didn't realise that it was hardly a request and more of demand.

"There's nothing in this house Chief."

Nodding his head as the last two officers returned from upstairs, Rufus smiled calculatingly towards Nash as he said. "The sooner this situation is resolved, the sooner Kalm can return to normal."

He would leave no stone unturned, and any information would help piece together this puzzle.
"Well, Lily next door sometimes does favours for me, but I would hate to impose on her after I promised to make dinner," Nash commented absently, looking towards the kitchen. He and Lily were on friendly terms, and he was certain that she would take care of the girls for him while he visited the office.

The situation in Kalm where notorious criminal mastermind, Strife, has been spotted on the border near our media campsite. There is reportedly an exchange with officers... no word on if bullets have been exchanged. Residences of Kalm are still asked to stay indoors as this situation worstens. This is the first real sighting of Strife since police arrived today."

Nash frowned at the television before he walked over to his phone and picked it up. He dialed Lily's number and waited for her to pick up.

"Nash, you Casanova, are you watching the news?" Her chipper voice made him smile. "We're famous here in Kalm!"

He managed to laugh heartedly. "Yes, Lily, it seems this could take awhile. Can I ask you a favour though? The police want me to go down the station with them, but I've got the girls all to myself. Would I be able to sidle them off on you until I get back?"

"Oh Nash... you know I'd do anything for you," Lily said enthusiastically. "Drop the girls off and don't you worry about a thing. I won't let that mean little Strife get anywhere close to them!"

"Ha ha ha, yes, I'm sure you could use that self-defense class stuff on him," Nash said and glanced over to Rufus. "I'll bring them right over, and remember to stay indoors, okay?"


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