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Midgar - Topside Shopping Exchange

It had been a difficult two weeks since she had last saw Strife. They had spent the entire night within each others arms, and Garnet had found it difficult to extract herself from Strife when the morning came. It was in those early hours that she had informed Strife that she would put their children in his care, but to wait until she called.

Rufus, as predicted, had tightened up the security around her the moment she had returned, and Garnet had been left with no choice but to sit and wait for the right opportunity. It had taken time, but the two guards posted to watch her had finally begun to relax their guard around her. She kept herself out of trouble - something that was difficult to do considering her typical nature - and now it was even to the point where Rufus was finally beginning to relax around her again.

Men were always far too easy to manipulate, but that was something she wasn't afraid to use to her advantage when need be.

"I'll save you boys the embarrassment of coming into this type of store." Garnet murmured with a pleasant smile to her chaperone's. She could already see the beads of distress forming along each of their brows as they caught sight of the frilly female lingerie adorning the mannequins in the window and knew she could use this to her advantage.

"We'll wait right here for you." One of her 'guards' murmured, although Garnet could clearly hear the tinge of relief highlighting the edges of his voice.


Pushing the door to the lingerie shop open, Garnet wheeled the pusher into the store and tugged for Julia to enter. Garnet made her way around the store slowly while picking out the odd piece or two to try on. Certain that her guards attention was focused elsewhere when everything seemed normal, Garnet maneuvered her children into the dressing room before closing the door behind her. Hanging the underwear up on the hanger, she reached into her purse and withdrew her phone. Entering in Strife's number, she held the cell up against her ear while she waited for him to answer.
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